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Andersen Air Force Base

Andersen Air Force Base is home to Pacific Air Forcesí 13th Air Force and the 36th Air Base Wing, Air Mobility Commandís 634th Air Mobility Support Squadron and several other tenant organizations. 

Andersen is one of four Bomber Forward Operating Location [BFOL] in the Air Force. These locations provide forward support to bomber crews deploying overseas in Europe, Southwest Asia and in the Pacific. The Air Force is establishing forward-deployed bomber beddown support at key locations throughout the world and Andersen is one of two critical bases in the Asia Pacific region. The other location is Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. Andersen made Air Force history 09 August 2000 when it became the first installation outside the continental United States to store 3,000-pound conventional air-launched cruise missiles. The CALCM is capable of flying approximately 600 miles to strike targets while keeping the launch aircraft and crew out of harm's way. The storage of CALCMs at Andersen is part of a continuing effort to build up the base's role as a bomber forward operating location. The significance of placing the CALCMs at Andersen is that they are forward deployed and immediately accessible. 

Andersen Air Force Base (AFB), Guam is located on the north end of Guam, approximately 15 miles from the capital, Agana. Andersen AFB is in the village of Yigo, pronounced "Geego." There are plenty of recreational and travel opportunities which make Andersen a popular tour among the adventurous. Most tours are 24 months (accompanied) and 15 months (unaccompanied). 

Main phone numbers:  011-671-366-1110 or DSN 366-1110

Mailing Address:  Andersen AFB, APO AP 96543


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