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Camp Hialeah-Pusan - South Korea

Camp Hialeah was reportedly named during WW II for the well-known horse racing track. Camp Hialeah is located on the Southern most tip of the Korean peninsula in the port city of Pusan, Korea's second largest city with a population of six million. It is also Korea's principal seaport. Camp Hialeah serves as home to soldiers, airmen and sailors who are assigned to commands residing in the Pusan area, to include Pier 8, the Pusan Storage Facility, the Defense Reutilization Management Office, and a variety of commands working out of Kimhae Air Port, west of Pusan. Camp Hialeah provides the primary support facilities for McNab Compound at Cheju-do Island, Pusan's Pier 8, and the Pusan Storage Facility at Pier 6. 

Main phone numbers:  011-82-51-801-3571/3644 or DSN 763-3571/3644

Mailing Address:  201th ASG-Pusan, ATTN: EANC-TP-ACS, Unit 15181, APO AP 96259-0270


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