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Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base - Norfolk, VA

Located in Virginia Beach, NAB Little Creek is home to Amphibious Group 2, Expeditionary Warfare Training Group Atlantic, Aegis Combat Systems Center and Naval Special Warfare Group 2.  Home port ships include USS Firebolt, USS Grapple, USS Grasp and USS Gunston Hall.  
Main phone numbers:  Commercial (757)444-0000 or DSN 253-0000
Mailing address:  NAB Little Creek, Norfolk, VA 23521-3229
Population:   9,125 active duty; 2,378 family members; 2,746 civilians
Housing:  90 officer family units; 776 enlisted family units; wait may be a year or more (757)462-7448 
Temporary lodging:  603 visitor units (757)318-2000; Navy Lodge at Norfolk Naval Station   
Family Service Center:   (757)462-7563
Schools:  None on base. 
Child Care:   Center for 196, six-month wait; 35 approved homes (757)462-7868
Health care:   Clinic.  Appointments/Tricare (800)931-9501; benefits (757)314-7344; also see Portsmouth Naval Medical Center
Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base - Norfolk, VA has a large size commissary - (757)464-6849, a large exchange, a mall, and mini-mall (757)363-3218.  Recreation at Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base - Norfolk, VA includes arts and crafts, bowling,k library, auto hobby, recreation center, golf, gym, tennis, swiming, outdoor activities, and fishing.  

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