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New Orleans NAS Joint Reserve Base - Belle Chasse, LA

Naval Air Station, Joint Reserve Base, New Orleans, Louisiana is located 20 minutes south of downtown New Orleans, and is home to VP-94, VFA-204, VR-54, Louisiana Air National Guard, U.S. Air Force Reserve, U.S. Coast Guard, and the U.S. Customs Service. When the base was redesignated in May 1994 to add "Joint Reserve Base," it broke the paradigm of Naval Air Station. 

NAS JRB New Orleans maintains a 24-hour operational capability to support launches and recoveries of U.S. Coast Guard Sea-Air Rescue, U.S. Customs Alert and 159th Fighter Group/Louisiana Air National Guard, North American Air Defense Command alert requirements. 

Part of the joint-service business since 1957, the base provides Navy, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard units the training ground for an array of fighter aircraft. Staging "mini-wars" over the Gulf of Mexico, F-18, F-16 and F-15 pilots engage in some of the most hotly contested bayou brawls since the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. For Air Force units "anchored" at NAS JRB New Orleans, these mini-wars offer vital dissimilar fighter training that many organizations elsewhere receive sporadically. But it's an everyday happening for the Reserve's 926th Fighter Wing (F-16s) and the Louisiana ANG's 159th Fighter Group (F-15s). And it kept them sharp for recent deployments supporting Operation Deny Flight in Italy and Operation Provide Comfort in Turkey. 

As a claimancy Base Communications Office (BCO) which reports to Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Atlantic, NCTAMS LANT Det New Orleans is responsible for managing the BLII in the New Orleans area. As such, NCTAMS LANT Det New Orleans serves as the central management activity, operations and maintenance agent, and dedicated navy advocate for the BLII which includes managing inside and outside cable plants (fiber/copper); base telephone switch systems; base-wide and metropolitan area network switches such as ATM, routers, concentrators, and servers supporting the entire user population; implementing and managing the Defense Message System to include providing gateguard service to all DoD activities in the New Orleans LA, Gulfport MS, and Memphis TN areas and operating the Local Control Center (LCC), when installed; and provide for centralized telephone/network billing for all users. 

Naval Aviation first came to New Orleans in July 1941, when the Naval Air Reserve Air Base, located on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain, was commissioned. Due to the Navy's need for Naval Aviators in the early part of World War 11, the station was re-designated a Naval Air Station in November, 1942, and assumed the role of a primary training base for student aviators. 

After the end of hostilities, the station again changed its primary mission. In 1946, the training of selected Naval Air Reservists became the chief task. 

In the summer of 1948, the idea of a Joint Reserve Air Training Center was conceived and the plans laid for the present facility located near Belle Chasse, Louisiana. Congressman F. Edward Hebert was the dominating figure behind the construction of the new Naval Air Station, which began in 1955. 

It was not until the fall of 1957 that the first contingent of naval personnel was assigned workstations at the new field. In December 1957, the American flag was raised and the station rapidly prepared for resumption of operations. The first aircraft flew from the runways January 6, 1958, by the Naval Air Reserve squadrons. The installation was dedicated in April 1958 to Alvin Andrew Callender, a native of New Orleans who lost his life in World War I while flying with the Royal Flying Corps. Since that time, the station has been known to the public as Alvin Callender Field. 

There have been many changes in squadrons, types of aircraft and tactical missions, but the basic mission of the Naval Air Station, supporting Reserve aviation units, has remained unchanged.
Main phone numbers:  Commercial (504)678-2104
Mailing address:  400 Russell Ave., New Orleans, LA 70143
Population:   About 1,400 active duty; 865 family members; 3,500 reservists; 895 civilians
Housing:  736 family housing units; wait is 0 to 30 days; 525 units have a single car garage with an additional parking space next to garage; 211 units have carports (504)678-3280
Temporary lodging:   Nearby Navy Lodge (504)366-3266
Family Support Center:   See New Orleans Naval Support Activity
Schools:  Elementary school on base 
Child Care:   Two centers (504)678-3654
Health care:   Clinic for active duty and reservists on drill only; also see Keesler AFB, Miss. 
New Orleans NAS Joint Reserve Base - Belle Chasse, LA has a small exchange (504)678-3510.  Recreation at New Orleans NAS Joint Reserve Base - Belle Chasse, LA includes bowling, auto hobby, golf, gym, tennis, swimming, and outdoor activities.  

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