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Osan Air Base - South Korea

Prior to the invasion of the Republic of Korea by the North Korean communists in 1950, the area, now designated Osan Air Base, consisted of four villages near the hillsides and a large number of rice paddies where the runway now lies. Originally designated K-55, the base was redesignated as Osan Air Base in September 1956. The base was not named for any of the villages on the site. The first base commander named the base Osan, as it was the only village shown in this region on military maps and because it was easy to pronounce. The word "Osan" means Crow Hill.

Osan is the most forward deployed air base to North Korea, only 48 miles away. Osan Air Base covers 1,565 acres. One of its most prominent features is it's 9,000-feet runway. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is only 30 miles north of Osan. The airfield is only 45 nautical miles south of the DMZ and was overrun twice by North Korean and Chinese forces during the Korean War.

Main phone numbers:  011-82-31-661-1110 or DSN 784-4110

Mailing Address:  51st fighter Wing Command Post, Bldg. 938, Osan AB, Korea, APO AP 96278


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