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Do I Qualify For a Military Loan?

Loans are available to all military ranks and grades and 20 year Career Retired Federal GS Employee.
You must provide your most recent LES pay voucher.

Do I need good credit to apply?

Credit history is only one of the criteria used to evaluate each loan request. Pioneer looks at more than your credit score; their Military Scoring Model recognizes the frequent moves, deployments, and financial situations service members face. This allows them to better judge a military customer’s credit risk and price the military loans fairly and accurately.

What is the 15-Day Guarantee?

Your military personal loan is backed by a 15-day, no-risk, no-cost satisfaction guarantee. If you find a better loan, or you change your mind for any reason, you may cancel your loan with no obligation and no cost to you. Simply return the funds in full within 15 days of signing for your loan and your account will be closed.

Am I eligible to apply for a military loan?

If this is a Pioneer Loan, they will accept, process, and consider loan applications from all ranks and branches of active-duty and 20-year career-retired service members, as well as Department of Defense employees (GS-6 and above).

I would like to consolidate all my bills. How can I do that?

After you complete the online application, submit a copy of your current end-of-month LES (all pages), and a list of the bills you want to pay off, making sure to include each creditor’s name and your current balance. Your lender will be glad to review your request and see if we can be of assistance.

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